Did You Know that Neuropathy Drugs Have a Greater Suicide Risk?

If you know someone who is taking Neurontin or Lyrica, you should forward this email to them. You just might save a life!

The FDA did an analysis of 199 studies done on a total of 44,000 patients who were taking anti-epileptic drugs. The results showed there was twice the risk of suicidal behavior in using anti-epileptic drugs as compared with patients taking a placebo.

Two of the anti-epileptic drugs in these studies were Gabapentin (marketed as Neurontin) and Pregabalin (marketed as Lyrica). Both of these drugs are advertised for neuropathy and are made by the drug company Pfizer.

In 2004 Pfizer was fined by the FDA and paid over 430 million dollars for promoting Neurontin to doctors as a medication for neuropathy, a use for which it was never authorized!

So here we have a drug company making two drugs that are prescribed by doctors for neuropathy, one of which was never authorized by the FDA for that use, and both are associated with a greater risk of suicidal behavior.

Drugs can never heal the body as they are an alien substance in the body. They cannot address the root of the problem, which for most people who have neuropathy, are very specific nutritional deficiencies.

There is a safe way to address and help reverse neuropathy by supplying the exact nutrients needed.


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