Some years ago a negative ad campaign was run concerning eggs. There were ads on TV and on billboards, with images of four eggs being led into a jail cell, and another ad showing the four eggs behind bars.

This was part of a campaign to tell the public that eating eggs was dangerous and could contribute to heart disease (which turns out to be incorrect). As a result, many people stopped eating eggs or greatly reduced the number of eggs they ate.

Even today, many people still remain afraid of eating eggs or eating too many eggs, due to that false advertising.

Today, what do nutritional experts say regarding eggs in the diet?

“The egg is nearly the perfect food for health and weight loss. It is easily digestible as well as a complete food. Eggs give your liver the building blocks it needs to repair your body. Cholesterol levels are not increased by eating them and you can lose weight by including them in your diet.”

“Eggs contain ingredients to develop a healthy body including nearly all of the essential nutrients such as B-l, B-6, folic acid and B-12. They contain such minerals as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron. Choline and biotin, which are important for energy and stress reduction, are also found in eggs. Eggs are also complete in all amino acids (protein building blocks), which are found in the yolk.”

“The fat in the egg yolk is in nearly perfect balance. These essential fats are very important in the regulation of cholesterol. This is because the antidote [Definition: something that counteracts.] to cholesterol is lecithin, which helps dissolve cholesterol and the yolk is loaded with lecithin. Make sure not to overcook the egg yolk, as this will destroy the lecithin. These yolk fats in your diet lower the risk for heart disease.”

“Eggs have almost zero carbohydrates and have the highest rating for complete proteins (containing all the amino acids) of any food. Amino acids are necessary for repairing tissue as well as making hormones and brain chemicals.”

“As a side note, many people are afraid of eating egg yolks because of cholesterol. The fact is that most of the cholesterol found in our blood is not there because of what we eat. It’s our livers that make approximately 75% of the cholesterol that exists in our blood.”

“The more cholesterol we eat, the less the body will make. The less cholesterol we eat, the more the body will make. If cholesterol were so bad for us, why would our bodies make so much?”

“The body is an incredible system that knows exactly what to do to create a natural balance. When we consume foods containing cholesterol, we only absorb 1 to 2 mg of cholesterol per pound of body weight per day. So even if we were to eat a dozen eggs each day, we would only absorb about 300 mg of cholesterol, which is, by the way, the recommended maximum daily amount.”

“On a personal note: I have been eating four organic eggs every morning for the past 6 years and never felt better. My cholesterol is also within the normal range (below 200).”

excerpted from Dr. Berg’s BODY SHAPE DIETS
by Dr. Eric Berg

Yes, eggs are a very safe and excellent source of nutrition for the whole family, and should be made a regular part of the diet. But not all eggs are the same, so let’s look at how to choose your eggs from another expert on nutrition:

“You can kiss your fear of eggs good-bye. There have been a number of previous studies that have supported that eggs do not increase your risk of heart disease. So go ahead and have your eggs as they are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.”

“While you are at it, please be sure and purchase healthy eggs as they are not that much more expensive than commercial factory raised chicken eggs. Please be sure to look for ‘free range organic’ on the box.”

“Just as important as where you buy your eggs is how you prepare them for eating.”

“If you want to fine tune eating your eggs, it is best not to cook them. This helps preserve many of the highly perishable nutrients, some of which are very effective at preventing the most common cause of blindness, called ‘age related macular degeneration.’ [Definition – Macular Degeneration: the gradual blurring of the center of your field of vision, which continues to get worse, eventually resulting in blindness].”

“Some may be concerned about the risk of salmonella in raw eggs. [Definition: a type of bacteria which can cause food poisoning.] but I analyzed the risk a few years ago and most people have a better chance of winning the lottery than contracting salmonella from eggs from healthy chickens. Personally I consume three raw eggs nearly every morning as part of my breakfast and believe it has enormously contributed to my health.”

Excerpted from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s comment
on an article appearing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 80, No. 4, 855-861, October 2004

So, be sure to include eggs as a regular item in your diet for improved health whether it is part of a meal or egg as a main dish.

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