RHP® “Real Energy”
Energy Drink

A Safe Energy Drink

Provides far greater energy than ordinary energy drinks and lasts up to 5+ hours.

The problem with most energy drinks is they create a short spike of energy and then they drop you off a cliff leaving you feeling more tired than when you started! RHP Real Energy keeps you going!!

There is no sugar to raise a diabetics blood sugar. Each serving has only 1 g carbohydrate.

Increase Your Energy Level Naturally!

“As a result of an auto accident I now have Diabetes Type 2. With pain medication and further problems with my injuries I have found it very hard to get up in the morning and stay up to complete basic household duties. When I was told about this energy drink I was very skeptical because with all the vitamins I take with pain medications nothing has been a source of lasting energy. I was drinking a triple shot coffee drink.

There were times this not only did not work but it never lasted for 8 hours. I have used this energy drink for about a month now and it keeps me on an even energy level without jitters. I have also been able to take a nap if need be and when I woke up I still have energy. I am amazed this energy drink is so effective, and as it does not cause jitters I am elated with the results.”

– Darrell Plouffe