Many individuals when first diagnosed with diabetes are directed by their physician onto a “low fat” diet and warned about the dangers of eating foods that contain fat or cholesterol.

The overwhelming evidence now shows that this is totally opposite of what they should be doing. Low fat diets result in the diabetic condition getting worse along with declining health levels. Below is what Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, M.D. states regarding cholesterol and fat in the diet:

“The medical profession and the media has so frightened the public about cholesterol and fat that people firmly believe they must be avoided at all costs. For many people today, eggs, butter and red meat represent the fear of cholesterol, and meats, nuts and oils represent the fear of fat. But this fear of cholesterol and fat is not grounded in scientific fact. On the contrary, cholesterol and fat are essential to life.”

“Cholesterol and fat are used by the body as building materials for constant replenishment and are supposed to come from dietary sources. Eating cholesterol and fat do not cause heart disease and accelerated death. In fact, you must eat them to avoid heart disease.”

“Cholesterol is a type of fat that has many functions in the body. Cholesterol is an important structure in cell membranes [cell membrane: the thin layer of tissue that forms the outer surface of the cell and regulates the passage of materials in and out of the cell], keeping the cell membrane permeable [permeable: allowing liquids to pass through] so that material can pass easily through the cell. The inside of the cell is also filled with various cholesterol-containing membranes that must be maintained so that the cell can function well.”

“When your body is comprised of cells that are cholesterol depleted, and thereby less efficient, all the biochemical processes of your metabolism are affected, which means your metabolism cannot function as it should.”

“When you deprive your body of cholesterol, an essential building material, membrane structure is altered. When membrane structure is altered, cell growth is disrupted. As a result, there is a potential increase in cancer because cancer arises from abnormal cell division.”

“In addition, cholesterol is important to maintain normal functioning of various hormone systems and the immune system. Cholesterol is also the structural material from which many important hormones are made.”

“Cholesterol is essential for brain function and the stabilization of neurotransmitters [neurotransmitters: a substance that transmits impulses between nerve cells]. Mood problems such as depression, agitation and irritability can occur when your body does not get sufficient cholesterol.”

“Cholesterol also forms insulation around the nerves to keep electrical impulses moving. Without this insulation there is an increase in the potential for diseases of the nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis.”

“Cholesterol can be obtained directly from cholesterol-laden foods, such as butter, meat, eggs and shellfish. You should eat these foods and other types of fats every day.”

excerpted from The Schwarzbein Principle
by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, M.D.

Not only is it possible that the “low fat” diet will damage your body, studies have shown that it will occur, as can be seen in the following excerpt:

“Low-fat high-carbohydrate diets eaten by patients with diabetes [non-insulin dependant] have been shown to lead to higher day-long plasma glucose [higher blood sugar levels], insulin, triglycerides, and very low density lipoproteins [bad cholesterol], among other negative effects. In general, study has demonstrated that multiple risk factors for coronary heart disease are worsened for diabetics who consume the low-fat high-carbohydrate diet so often recommended to reduce these risks.”

excerpted from Diabetes Care, January 1995 Issue
by Dr. Y. D. Chen

Again, if you have not yet done so, you can turn your diabetic condition around and improve your overall health by getting onto a high protein/low carbohydrate diet, taking the correct nutritional supplements, and putting a little exercise into your life!


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