People today are being put on drugs to handle the blood sugar levels of diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high cholesterol. Are drugs the answer to these health challenges or do they just make things worse?

Factually, medical drugs are not the answer to the above health challenges. Doctors and researchers are now realizing that drugs are more often destructive and should not even be used, as you can see from the following excerpts:

“A type of therapy used by the majority of physicians in our country for the past fifty years is the administration of drugs at sublethal levels [sublethal: not quite enough to cause death ] . Drugs of course, are alien chemicals that are not normally present in the cellular environment of the human body. They radically alter man’s internal environment and often create very severe and dangerous side effects.”

“Drugs do not halt or prevent the disease process, especially degenerative diseases. At best they offer only relief of symptoms, while the basic, underlying disease process continues uninterrupted.”

“Nature’s biological nutrients [gotten from food] have been used as a defense system for millions of years in the battle against all forms of disease. They are far more reliable and more time-proven than the relatively recent drug-therapy fads that have swept the modern world.”

“When our body cells are ailing, as they do in disease, then chances are excellent that it is because they are being given inadequate nutrition. The list of things that these cells may need includes not only all amino acids and all the minerals, plus trace elements [trace elements: simple chemical substances in very tiny amounts], but about fifteen vitamins and probably many other nutrients.”

“Drugs at best are only a palliative [palliative: treating only the symptoms of a disease , alleviating pain and symptoms without providing a cure ] form of treatment…. The basic fault of drugs is that they have no known connection with the disease process itself…. Drugs are wholly unlike nature’s nutrients…. They tend to mask the difficulty, not eliminate it. They contaminate the body’s internal environment, create dependence on the part of the patient, and often complicate the physician’s job by erasing valuable clues as to the real source of the trouble.”

“Statistics tell us that as much as 5 percent of all hospital admissions – 1.5 million people – are now the result of negative reactions to legally gotten prescription drugs. Once a patient is in the hospital, his chances of getting a drug-created sickness more than doubles. This means that over three and a half million people experience drug-created internal contamination and dependence.”

“Many physicians are beginning to insist that the primary reliance in the battle against infectious disease – all forms of disease – should always be on weapons that are most similar to nature’s own biological weapons.”

“Nutrient therapy*, is a safe, economical, prevention oriented, and effective alternative to our current medical crisis.”

“The simple truth is that our country needs physicians who are interested in curing and preventing the causes of disease rather than merely treating symptoms.”

excerpted from Brain Allergies
by William H. Philpott, M.D. and Dwight K. Kalita, Ph.D.

Increasing numbers of people in the medical profession are now realizing that drugs are not the great solution they once thought them to be. In fact, the dangers of taking drugs have recently become headline news, with drug companies being found to have hidden previously known side effects to many of their “wonder drugs”.

There are safe and natural ways to lower blood sugar levels, lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and effectively lose weight. It all starts with diet, proper nutrition (by supplementing with vitamins and minerals, as our food today has far less of them than 50 years ago), and putting a little exercise into your life. And, within weeks or a few months, health can be yours again.


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