*Cholesterol is a vital material produced daily by your liver and is part of every cell wall in your body. It is also found in various foods.

Just to give an example of the disease mongering covered in Selling Disease – Creating Diseases to Sell Drugs!, the problem of elevated cholesterol levels has been blown way out of proportion by the drug companies, in an attempt to scare the public into buying a pharmaceutical drug solution. The drugs being pushed on the American public as the solution to lowering cholesterol levels are a group of man-made chemicals called statin drugs, that do not belong in the body and have really bad side effects.

Ronald Rosedale, M.D. is one of the most highly regarded diabetic specialists in the United States. At the Designs for Health Institute’s BoulderFest he lectured other doctors on how medications can slow or even prevent patients from getting well. In one part of the presentation he was discussing cholesterol medications:

“Patient B is a 42-year-old man who was referred by patient A. He had a triglyceride level of 2200, a cholesterol level of 950 and was on maximum doses of all his medications. He was not fat at all; he was fairly thin.”

“This man was told that he had “familial hyperlipidema”[Definition: very high cholesterol levels that run in the family, from one generation to the next.], and that he had better get his personal and business matters in order, because if that was what his lipids [Definition: blood fat levels.] were despite the best medications with the highest doses, he was in trouble.”

“Whenever I see a patient on any of those medications, they’re off the very first visit. They have no place in medicine. He was taken off the medications and in six weeks his lipid levels, both his triglycerides and his cholesterol, were hovering around 220. After six more weeks, they were both under 200, off of the medications. As I said earlier, they have no place in medicine.”

Ronald Rosedale, M.D.

Some doctors see through the false solutions created by the pharmaceutical companies and are not afraid to speak out about them. There are several natural alternatives for lowering your cholesterol levels. One such alternative is covered here:

“The Journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians, which usually takes a very cautious approach regarding natural supplements, did not hesitate to publish a study of red yeast rice for reducing cholesterol.”

“Red yeast rice has been used in China since 800 A.D. It is produced by fermenting [Definition: breaking down of food into simpler materials.] rice with a yeast that gives it a reddish hue. Red yeast rice contains approximately ten compounds [Definition: substance made up of two or more things combined.] that are similar to prescription statins.”

“Red yeast rice does not seem to cause the typical side effects – muscle pain, abdominal discomfort, liver irritation – that commonly occur with statins.”

Excerpted from Statin Drugs & their Natural Alternatives
by Jay S. Cohen, M.D.

Red yeast rice can be purchased from numerous sellers on the Internet.


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